The Story behind Vegan Stokes Cheese


The story behind Vegan Stokes Cheese starts the same way as all good vegan stories – we went vegan!

Cheese has always been a huge part of our lives. It gets spread on bagels in the morning, grated over pasta in the evening, and is the cornerstone of every good charcuterie board on the weekend.

But we were disappointed with the vegan cheese options available. Never to be defeated, we set out to create our own cheese. It needed to be reminiscent of the taste and texture of the dairy cheese we grew up with and loved.

But this cheese had to be healthy, ethical and sustainable.

Eventually, we perfected our vegan cheese and planned to live happily ever after making delicious cheese for ourselves.

Then it happened. We served them to our unsuspecting non-vegan friends and family who loved them, asked where we purchased them and were utterly shocked when we told them they were our own dairy free creations.

Word spread about our cheese and before long we were making cheese for countless people - friends, family and friends of friends. Vegan and omnivores alike couldn't get enough.

After much encouragement to make these delicacies available to everyone, Vegan Stokes Cheese was launched.

Our products are exclusively available in select shops in the Greater Toronto Area. Every product is hand made, hand wrapped and hand packaged with care.

How Vegan Stokes Cheese is Made

We start by developing our own probiotic cultures and hand making our vegan yogurt. These living cultures are at the heart of the fermenting process for all of our fine non-dairy nut cheeses.

Unlike many soy or coconut oil based vegan cheese products, every one of or nut cheeses are made of solid whole cashews, not just nut milk.

The cashew nuts are blended, then cultured and refined by infusing with select ingredients such as white wine, dark beer, sundried tomatoes and various herbs to produce distinct tastes.

Our cultured rounds are then aged to develop deep umami flavour and just the right texture, firm yet creamy. 

I swear that that cheddar is phenomenal and as an Englishwoman, I was a Cheddar aficionado from birth almost! The best cheddar I’ve had in decades!