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Peta Living

April, 2018

These Powerful Women are "killing it" with Compassion

TINA Stokes, Vegan Stokes Cheese

"The vegan cheese company founder has this to say about dairy: “Learning of the dairy industry practices made it clear that the word ‘dairy’ which we all once thought of as ‘wholesome,’ ‘natural’ and even ‘necessary’ is actually none of these things.” Stokes founded Vegan Stokes out of her “passion for compassion,” and the rest is herstory. Every product made by the small, family-operated facility is handcrafted in small batches and hand-wrapped."



Sacred LiFe Magazine

Vol. 9 - Spring, 2018

Sacred Loves

Vegan Stokes Herbed Feta

"The perfect addition to any dinner party, this delicious nut-free, and dairy-free feta will tantalize your taste buds. Pair it with olives and bread, crumble on top of a salad or bake it in flakey pastry, this creamy vegan cheese can be used in so many different ways."


Peta Living

May, 2018

peta's favourite vegan products available in Canada

PETA is playing favourites! They've compiled a list of their favourite vegan foods available in Canada. We are super stoked that Vegan Stokes Cheese made the list as one of their favourite dairy-free cheeses!


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Ontario Vegans Magazine

June, 2018

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Fashionable Vegan

Vegan + Ethical Lifestyle

July 2018

Vegan Stokes cultured cheeses are “Handcrafted with Passion and Compassion” in small batches, locally in Thornhill, Ontario. So authentic, you might not even distinguish that they’re vegan.

Read about Vegan Stokes Cheese and the interview with founder, Tina Stokes