Get Fancy, Get Cooking!

The endlessly talented Two Market Girls get fancy and creative with Stokes Cheese! Not just for crackers and bagels.


Sustainable Block Party & Pop-Up Market

We were so proud to sponsor the stage at the Sustainable Block Party and Pop-Up Market in Toronto, by Vegan Social Events celebrating all things vegan & sustainable.

James aspey - simply inspiring

Keynote speaker, James Aspey is one of the most prominent and inspiring animal rights activists of our time. 

James Aspey - Keynote address

James Aspey inspires hearts and minds to live in alignment with what we already believe - that non-human animals deserve to be free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation, just as we human animals do. 

Debunking the myths of masculinity and veganism

Panel of men sharing their experiences around veganism. Our very own Neil Stokes was honoured to be a guest panelist, along with James Aspey, Richard Burgess and Zalezy.